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China Equipment Sourcing
If you get tired of dealing with so many machinery and equipment suppliers on websites such as alibaba or made- in- china etc, we can be your solution to reach the leading Chinese factories. As we promised, Tektra Studio will never accept commissions or service fees from Chinese factories, thus you will get the quotations with the net prices and send to you directly.
If you are likely doing business with the machinery and equipment vendors on internet, their mark-up margins normally are at least 15-20 percentages. For instance, for a contract value of 100K USD product, the dealer¨s profit normally are over 8% that is let¨s say 8K USD. At Tektra, we usually charge 1,500 to 2,000 USD as service fees and enable you to reach the top players or suppliers (Sometimes the exclusive agent in China) of a specific industry segment.
More importantly, working with Tektra Studio, you work with those who are best in China.

China Business Liaison Services

Providing implementation, coordination and liaison services as your assistant in China,
maintaining and strengthening your China relationships, solving existing problems, this service
can help your on-going project with the Chinese factory or the potential business partner whom may need a support of better communications.

China Business Matching (China Manufacturers Factories)
Recommending or identifying the prospective business partners with our resources for you in China:
Cooperative Project Partner
Manufacturing Partner
Product Localization Partner
Representative, Distributors