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The robot industry really developed in China was started by the end of 1990's, roughly twenty to thirty years, but Chinese robots development speed has made the world amazed
In 2011, China's industrial robot market growth was sharply up to 51%, all kinds of data showing that the Chinese robot blowout era is about to come. The rapid development of China's robot plays an important role in the development of new industries and the transformation of traditional industries, which is the core of intelligent manufacturing. From the point of view of the overall situation, compared to China's robot industry with the major industrial countries, there is still a big gap, especially at present, competition in the field of robotics, industry standards system of China to be probably made, the core technology and key parts and components need to break through.
With the structural shortage of labor and labor costs rise sharply, China Labor bonus era is coming to an end, at the mean time becoming the world's largest robot market in 2014, and it is expected to be the world's No. 1 in holdings of industrial robots in 2017.

"The robot industry’s thirteen five development plan"(Plan) will focus on promoting the industrial robot in tire and ceramic etc raw materials industry, explosive dangerous operations such as casting, forging of metal industry as well as the field of national defense ,as for service robot industry which to be at higher cost-effective.

At present, precision reducer, controller, servo system and high performance drives etc for robot manufacturing as well as core components heavily depend on imports, and these parts and components accounted for more than 70% of the total production cost so that collaborating with relevant overseas manufacturers to reduce the costs are urgently needed.
In order to guide the Chinese robot industry to be bigger and stronger, the plan proposed in the next five years, to strengthening the basic theory and advanced technology research, improve the quality of home independent brands of robot and key parts and components, establishing and improving the robot test and standard systems.