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China Equipments’ Upgrading

In the past decades, especially since China open the door to the world, China has nevertheless, constructed the 2nd largest economy in the world based on private ownership and control of resources.

China Machinery Industry has established itself a powerful system with large scale and complete industry categories, became one of the top 3 players in the world. China equipment manufacturing has been the largest ‘pillar industry’ of China economy, at the mean time Made-in-China equipments are more and more competitive in medium-end market of the world.

Thanks to the efforts of pushing forward industrial upgrade, raising the quality and efficiency of the industry, at the mean time to accelerating mergers and acquisition, in 2015, China calls for intelligent manufacturing with revolutionary technologies such as big data, cloud computing, mobility, industry 4.0, industrial internet etc to beef up the presence of China manufacturing as a global manufacturing power.

Highlight of the major products which are being exported worldwide of some China Equipments:.

1. Agriculture Machinery (Farm Machinery)

Major export products: semi-trailer towing vehicle, tractor, parts for harvester, cultivator and parts.

2. Metallurgical and Mining Equipment

aa. Major Export Products of Metallurgical Equipment: Rolling Process Equipment, parts and components.
bb. Major Export Products of Mining Equipment: crusher, roller-bit hole rig, mine hoist, ball mill, electric mine shovel

3. Machine Tools
Major Export Products: Metal Cutting Equipments, CNC Machining Centre
4. Plastic Machinery
Major Export Products: injection molding machine, blow-molding machine, plastic extruding machine, vacuum forming machine.
5. Food-stuff Packaging
6. Power Equipment

7. Instruments and meters:
Major Export Products: Industrial Automation Systems, electrical measuring instruments, experimental and analysis instruments and weighing apparatus
8. Construction Equipment
9. Parts and components for general machinery and equipment