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In China, the importance of mechanical parts and components of the machinery industry was realized comparatively late, and had been lacking of fund investment, so that it leads to the poor foundation of the whole machinery industry. With the rapid improvement of the levels of the main machines, the level of parts and components which lagged behind the main machines as the bottleneck phenomenon has become increasingly apparent.
In order to improve the competition ability of the basic parts of the Chinese machinery industry in the market and better meet the requirements of technology progresses of main machines, China is having to increasing investment and strategy adjustment.
In the next 5~10 years, plans have been made to develop home brands of parts and components , to carry out technological innovation, enhance the competitiveness in both domestic and overseas markets and to strengthen and introduce more advance management systems. What are the quality differences between domestic basic parts and that of the industry powers, the formation of the gap is as the following:
Generally the foundations of Chinese basic parts and components’ enterprises are so weak, Which could not adapt to the needs of the main machines even when the relevant technology have been introduced into China, or the requirements of those joint ventures with world leading companies established in China, so that the market share of Chinese companies for basic parts and components in home market has been declining.
Secondly because of poor quality of raw materials and related technology backwardness. For example: poor quality and less numbers of specifications for the steels used for fasteners ,bearings, chains, springs, mold etc ,directly impact on the quality of the items, due to backwardness of related electronic control for hydraulic castings and other hydraulic parts, which also directly affect the quality and reliability of hydraulic components.
Thirdly because of low level of technical processes and production equipments, which could not ensure the consistency of products quality of batch and mass production.
At last, supportive policy from state on basic parts and components enterprises to be improved, the industry is consist of tens of thousands of medium and small works, however, of those who are eligible for part of value-added-tax refund is less than 100 enterprises, the burden of heavy taxes affect the works to update their equipment and technical process in order to enhance the level of the entire industry.